How to Shop Online for the Man in Your Life This Holiday Season

How to Shop Online for the Man in Your Life This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here – which brings a lot of fun and time with friends and relatives – but also the pressures of the holiday shopping season. With so much available, you want to get the best for your husband, boyfriend, or other man in your life. But guys are always not the most responsive about what they want – maybe you will just get a “whatever” when you try to ask about it.

So that means you need to take matters into your own hands! Here we talk about some clever ways to think about the buying process and get the right gift that he will love, as well as some gifts that could be great to consider.

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Knowing What He Wants and Needs

With so many deals on Black Friday and the following days, it’s easy to make quick purchasing decisions. But its just as easy to be disappointed with buyers remorse when the package arrives – or when you discover it isn’t what you need. Here is a process that you can follow to think about what he may want. Write (or type) down some ideas each step of the way.

  • Consider what he has been into lately. Maybe he has mentioned something off hand that he likes or would like one of. If you have a chance during the year, it’s also great to write down things that come up, as sometimes they are forgotten
  • Drop a note to his friends or family to see if they have any ideas. You could surprise him with something that is special and meaningful - and he’ll be sure to remember it.
  • Look in his closet (if you are close enough with him!) or notice what he is wearing. Maybe some of his clothes are a little worse for the wear, or he has one type of item he always likes, but you can get him another?
  • What can help him feel more confident in his career or hobby? Maybe a certain outfit you know would look great on him. For example, if he recently started a new job or got a promotion, some new men's workwear could be a great way to give him a great gift and congrats at the same time.



Finding the Outlet

Once you find the type of item you want to buy, you next need to decide where to get it. With so many deals on Black Friday and the following days, it’s easy to make quick purchasing decisions. But it’s just as easy to be disappointed when the product arrives, late, not as described, or not what he really wants.

To make sure you are getting what you want, you need to do your homework. Find a well established e-commerce store that has a good reputation and reviews. If it has been featured by known media outlets, you know that it has some quality. Meanwhile, also check that they have an easily accessible chat and phone/email customer services, so that if you do have challenges, someone will be there to take care of you.

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Finding the Size

When it comes to clothes, you also want to get a size that looks and feels great for him. Limiting returns is important in this case, as it puts a damper on the gift.

To discover his size, again you need to do a bit of detective work. If you are living together (or spend a lot of time around each other), you can check the tags on his other similar clothes or shoes to get a good idea. Meanwhile, many online stores have sizing tables and even Personalized AI Size Finders that can tell you the correct size from his physical build and height/weight. Just put in his estimated stats and get the recommended size right there! Its best to do a check on the site before ordering - although it takes a little effort beforehand, you’ll be happy you did later!

If you want to see more about suit sizing, we have a full blog post just for you that deep-dives into finding it out.


Ready to go online shopping now?

Here are a few items to get you started in your quest to find the perfect gifts!


The Clothes

*New xSuit & Shirt

xSuit’s newly upgraded 2.1 selection is a crowd-pleaser - maintaining an extremely flexible and comfortable fabric design that is also made to repel wrinkles, stains, liquids, and odors. With great holiday savings and an xShirt bundle add-on option, you’ll be able to snag the ultimate suit and shirt combo for a terrific price that he won’t even believe.

Check it out:

xSuit Gift Box

*Cashmere Sweater from NAADAM

What man doesn’t like a comfy and high-quality cashmere sweater? NAADAM is a great source to get one - as they focus exclusively on cashmere, sourcing it from the finest variety in the world from Mongolia’s Gobi desert. They have holiday savings and a ton of different colors and styles that can fit whatever your man looks and feels best in.

Grab one:

Cashmere Sweater

*Fun Holiday Theme Outfits

Want to get something a little more wild for his holidays? There is nothing wrong with mixing in something a bit off-the-wall for some smiles. One resource for such wacky holiday themed gifts (including Christmas, birthdays, and much more) is TipsyElves. Besides ugly Christmas sweaters, they also have guys’ shirts, underwear, and more in every variety you can imagine.

Get in on the fun:

Funny Christmas Outfit


The Accessories

*A Watch with Natural Frequency Technology

Not your everyday watch, Philip Stein watches and sleep bracelets utilize natural frequency technology to help improve stress, sleep quality and overall well-being. But they also look really nice, and the combination - as well as a moderate price range - make for a great story tell to him during your gift exchange.

Try on at:

Philip Stein Watch

*Sustainable Shoes That Look Great

Hoping to get something for your man that also helps the environment? SAOLA’s sustainable shoes are made of all recycled and eco-friendly materials - including recycled plastic, algae foam, natural cork, and organic cotton. They also look nice and are fairly priced - so take a look at the size of one of his ratty current shoes and consider an upgrade:

Find them here:

Sustainable Shoes

*Stylish Men’s Bracelets at an Incredible Price

If you are considering to get the xSuit mentioned above as a gift, you might as well throw in one (or a couple) xBands together with the order for him. These high-quality bracelet bands look and feel terrific on the wrist, and even come in a gift box. Best of all, they are priced now at an insane $19 (80% off original price) and you can get free shipping when you order a total of $150 or more in products on

Get them while they last:


The Gift Card Dilemma

As a last resort, you could consider to get a gift card as part of your gift. The important thing is to select where the gift card is from and have a reason for it. For example, write a note with the gift card that says it is for a suit that fits his favorite size and color. And don’t just get him an Amazon or Visa gift card - it makes it feel like there is no thought put into it.

Ready to start shopping? We hope that this guide has inspired you, and has put you on the path for a memorable gift exchange for you and the guy in your life. You’ve got this!