The Top 6 Problems when Traveling in a Dress Shirt - and How to Solve Them

The Top 6 Problems when Traveling in a Dress Shirt - and How to Solve Them

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The Top 6 Problems when Traveling in a Dress Shirt - and How to Solve Them


Whenever you are traveling for any kind of event or business trip, a travel-optimized shirt (or two) is a necessity to have. This button-down shirt will be your key to looking good in all types of situations, and helps you look great when matched with jeans, a suit, or any nearly any type of outfit.

From a survey among some of the xSuit team and customers, we have found that these are the top problems for traveling in a dress shirt:

1. Wrinkles make for an untimely unprofessional look, and require find an iron and board, as well as do the ironing process while at hotels and on the road

2. Comfort while sitting in restrictive environments like a train, plane, Uber, or coffee shop

3. Accidental stains from being in a rush, especially drinking coffee or having a quick lunch.

4. Breathability while switching between hot and cold environments

5. Odors from running around all day, especially in hot weather

6. Having to pack too many shirts, due to all the above.

But what makes a shirt that will become your go-to on your journey - whether you are in a plane, car, train, hotel room, or the important occasion that you are planning for? To be able to stand up to the task of protecting you against whatever obstacles come in your way, there are key factors you need to consider when selecting your dress shirt.

Shirt Overlooking

How to Identify a High-Quality Shirt?

The most important feature of a shirt that makes it high quality and travel friendly shirt is its fabric. Here are some parts of the fabric that must be considered when evaluating quality:

What type of yarn and process is being used?

High quality yarn and stitching is vital. Special stitching with different widths and SPI will continue to have a comfortable feel over time

What is the feel of the fabric - is it breathable?

In line with the trend towards athleisure in recent years, travel dress shirts must be breathable and able to reduce sweat in hot weather

● Is the fabric soft and comfortable?

This is where you will really feel the difference in a “great” dress shirt compared with a good one. Other shirts will feel stiff, while good quality ones will keep softness over time.

Will dark colors fade over time? Will the white turn yellow?

Everyone who has worn dress shirts have experienced issues with fading and yellowing overtime, especially on the collars of the shirt. This requires you to frequently replace your shirts, and should not not happen on high quality ones.

For high level performance travel shirts, top quality yarns and fabrics are used - whereas other shirts you get may look good at first, but over time will begin to wear and feel less comfortable.

Factors that Create True “Travel-Ability”

To make a really travel-adaptive men’s dress shirt like the xShirt, we address the questions above - as well as provide additional travel-friendly features - by focusing especially on these qualities:

1. Stretch (maximized movement) – just like the performance xSuit, stretch is a factor of upmost importance in relation to travel workwear. Even if the fabric of a shirt is soft, it will not really fit the needs of travelers unless it has terrific stretch capabilities. This means that whether you are stretching out in a train, walking through town, or dancing the night away, you’ll never need to worry about discomfort (or worse, tearing!).

Stretching Shirt

2. Durability (anti-wear and wrinkles) – when you travel, you put your outfit through a lot. Different temperatures, environments, and long terms of wearing at once can put pressure on your clothes. Therefore, a strong construction, how the shirt can last through washing, and also anti-wrinkle capabilities are of vital importance. The latter is quite notable, as some comfortable shirts can wrinkle a lot, which is a major pain when traveling.

3. Nano-technology (anti-stain and liquid) – the xShirt utilizes top technical capabilities and testing to make sure that it withstands any elements that come in contact with. This includes using nano-technology in its construction, which provide liquid and stain resistance. During travel, this is very important, as you will likely encounter rain and other potential liquids during your day. To have peace of mind that your shirt will provide resistance to these elements is huge.

Shirt Liquid

Experience Travel Freedom

Now that you have learned about what makes a great travel shirt, why not try a white, blue, or black xShirt 2.0 for yourself and experience it?

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