Timeless Watches To Match Your xSuit - XSuit

Timeless Watches To Match Your xSuit

The Xsuit Corporate Black is the perfect compromise between the elegance required in the business world and the need for comfort sought by all active men. That's why the "Gritty Glow Odyssey" watch pairs well, offering both a chic look and optimal comfort.


The Xsuit Corporate Charcoal, refined and versatile design allows you to use the suit as you wish by separating the jacket from the trousers in order to keep a touch of originality without worrying about being too classic. That's why the Grant Fossil watch, with its black leather strap blends perfectly with the sleek and light look of the Xsuit without overdoing it either. This pairing is perfect for people looking for sobriety and minimalism.



The Corporate Suit Light Grey can be considered the most casual suit in the Corporate range, and is perfectly suited to the spring-summer season, and benefits from the same technology as all the other Xsuits, which prevents odours from being absorbed and keeps you fresh. This is why the Celtic Charriol watch, which is a little more classic, brings back a certain conformist notion but benefits from the offbeat side of this suit.


The Xsuit Sport range, much less chic but just as distinguished as the Corporate range, allows a pairing with watches that are intended to be in the same line of thought; and therefore bring a certain distinction while offering a slightly more classic side brought by the suit. We chose to combine the black version of the sports suit with the grey Timex Waterbury watch in which we find the same characteristics as the suit, with a sobriety and a slightly more offbeat side brought by the very unusual grey color of this watch.


The grey version of the hooded suit in its color and cut, represents the most atypical model of the brand. It fits perfectly with a watch that responds with this kind of eccentricity, that's why we chose Small Time Teller Nixon, which is distinguished by its bright white color and minimalist design, reflecting a desire to be different.