Why Are Your Suit Pockets Sealed (and How to Open Them Correctly)?

Why Are Your Suit Pockets Sealed (and How to Open Them Correctly)?

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One question that we come across frequently at xSuit is about the sewed pockets on the front of the jacket. Similar to most other suit jacket blazers, these pockets are mysterious as it arrives sealed. There are many questions that pop into the minds of people new to suits. Is it a real pocket? Should I try to open it, and if so, how? And why is it even sealed to begin with?

In this post, we try to clear up some questions to put your mind to ease about it... also share about a "secret" zipped inside pocket on the xSuit.

Why are There Sealed Pockets on My Suit?

The reason that most suits come with sealed pockets is for aesthetic reasons. It is arguable that a suit looks crisper and more level with the pocket sealed shut, so may wearers will prefer to keep it that way. In addition, if you use the pockets frequently, they could become a bit stretched and show a small gap where it opens. But on the other hand, the pockets can also be useful of course. You may want to stash some small items in it, or even a spare button just in case.

Front Suit Pocket

*In summary, open them if...

1) It’s useful to put some things inside of it, like sunglasses, a pocket square, or a pen

2) You like to put your hand inside of them to keep warm, or just because

3) You think having sealed pockets is just strange

*Keep them closed if...

1) You like to keep the suit in its most original condition, or think it looks newer that way

2) Sometimes, opening the pockets can add a little more bulk to the body of the suit, as well as having a small gap

3) You haven’t decided yet (while you could re-seal the pocket, its much easier to open it than put it back

So really, it is up to you whether you want to open them or not. If you have some purpose or your inner OCD just prefers them open, don’t hesitate to do so! You’ll be fine either way.

The last thing to note – on some suits and garments there can be a simulated pocket that is not actually one, and cutting it open would just make a hole! You can tell if this is the case, by seeing if it is tied together by a string. For ones that can be opened, it should be easy to do so by cutting a string. And don’t worry – all xSuits have real pockets that can be opened.

Cutting Suit Pockets

How Should I Open the Pockets?

1) Get a pair of small pointed scissors (like the sewing or cuticle type). Make sure that you are in good lighting so you can see what you are doing, and better to do so without other distractions around

2) Gently pull at the pocket area, checking which threads hold the two sides together and need removing. You should be able to find a thread that is loose.

3) Carefully snip the tread. You may need to do it in a couple spaces on the tread. If the threads are long and loose, you sometimes can just tug the pocket completely open at this point. The most important thing is to not snip anywhere on the pocket or suit besides the thread.

4) When finished, clean up any leftover loose or snipped threads by gently pulling them from the pocket area. This should be easy to do.

Inner Pocket

How does xSuit Handle Jacket Pockets?

The xSuit has three pockets on the front. The bottom two pockets nearer the waist are wear you can keep your hands, or a variety of other small things. On the top chest area, there is also a sealed pocket where you could keep a handkerchief or pocket square, or maybe your glasses if you like.

In addition, the xSuit also has a “secret” zipper inside pocket, which is a fun and useful feature! You could put anything in it, especially something small that you want to keep safe and without risk of falling out. Just remember to take it out when you are finished wearing it, before bringing the suit to the dry cleaners (or in the case of the xSuit 3.0, putting it in the washing machine).


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