Prominent Media Accolades Highlight Quality and Performance of xSuit’s New Offerings

Prominent Media Accolades Highlight Quality and Performance of xSuit’s New Offerings

xSuit's new suit and shirt offerings have received very positive reviews from Men’s Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, and Thrillist, among others – validating the company’s claim of offering the World’s Most Comfortable Workwear.

Nov. 24, 2021 – A busy few months at xSuit have brought a range of new and innovative products to market, which have been received highly positive reviews from top tier media, consumers, and even professional athletes. On the suit side, the newest tech and machine washable xSuit 3.0 was launched. This was followed by the more traditional style – while still extremely flexible and comfortable - xSuit 2.1, an upgrade from the popular 2.0 previous model. Meanwhile, the xShirt also had new releases, providing consumers the chance to experience a fully flexible and high-performance outfit unlike any others in their closet.

The feedback from xSuit customers has been very positive, and has also been reflected by media outlets that got their hands on a suit to try out. Reputable publications such as Men’s Journal and Newsweek have had the chance to try many products, and in keeping with their reputation they will not support a product they have not tried out and stand behind. Therefore, the objective endorsement of so many prominent outlets sends a message that the performance and comfort of xSuit and xShirt products are for real. Even athletes including Kyle Higashioka – catcher of the New York Yankees - have been raving about the products’ materials and flexibility. And besides the products themselves, the story of xSuit from Kickstarter project to cutting-edge fashion brand, as well as the company’s focus on sustainability have been recognised.

Here are just a few selected comments from media outlets in the recent few months, after trying out xSuit for themselves:

"Moves and breathes like no other suit we’ve ever worn before" - Men's Journal

"An amazing, dynamic piece of fashion"Newsweek

"They're as comfortable as pajamas, and they always look terrific" USA Today

"The stain-, liquid-, odor-, and wrinkle-resistant fabric is a veritable blessing" Thrillist

"The material is amazing and so comfortable" Kyle Higashioka, New York Yankees Catcher

"It felt like I was wearing a tracksuit" – Unfinished Man

"A new way of thinking about business attire."OneCutReviews

"The pants were so light that it felt like wearing no pants at all" – ONE37pm

"Soft, stretchy, moves with my body, but still holds up enough to keep the intended shape." NickSaysGo

"Lightweight and breathable… the perfect suit for all seasons and occasions."GoNomad

“The reception we’ve gotten from our new xSuit and xShirt products has been overwhelming”, noted Max Perez, CEO of xSuit. “We’re really happy to see some of the biggest names in journalism – as well as respected fashion and travel outlets – share in the excitement of these new and upgraded performance garments with us. We take it as motivation to continue putting our resources into expanding the tech and innovation of xSuit into 2022.”

About xSuit

xSuit was founded by Max Perez, with one goal in mind: to create the next generation of functional performance work apparel designed to be super comfortable and easy to maintain. To that end, xSuit works with some of the world’s top manufacturing experts in fashion tech. xSuit’s products are engineered with innovative fabrics and nanotechnology. xSuit produces the highest quality, most comfortable, and sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Visit to learn more.