xSuit Puts the Environment First with an Innovative Sustainable Approach to Fashion Design and Production - XSuit

xSuit Puts the Environment First with an Innovative Sustainable Approach to Fashion Design and Production

Known for its suits that are as comfortable as activewear, xSuit products are also easy on the planet with features designed to minimize your carbon footprint.


In the world of fast-fashion, where sales volume and profits are the top priorities, xSuit stands out from the crowd. Instead of being focused on high turnover, xSuit takes the opposite approach - creating long-lasting, high-quality products that are so comfortable, versatile, and easy to care for that you really only need one to last a long time.

“We want our community to be able to dress better and feel confident while enhancing their lives and spending less time washing, replacing, or matching their outfits,” said Max Perez, xSuit Founder and CEO. “We are minimizing the devastating impacts of the fast-fashion industry on the environment and giving men a better choice to streamline their wardrobe with products they need for the office, travel, leisure, and everywhere.”

In terms of manufacturing partners, xSuit is very strict in its search for sustainable and high quality producers that fit the needs. The company surveys extensively to find the best production partners – including in-person pre-project visits - and makes sure to work closely with them every step of the way in our sourcing and delivery cycle. While these processes are not easy to establish – often taking more time and money – in the long-term xSuit is confident that this method creates the best value, both for users and the community as a whole.

xSuit is also committed to sustainability and that means every item is designed with environmentally sourced synthetic fibers to last 5-times longer than comparable high-end ones. In terms of its suits, one xSuit can replace an entire wardrobe - because it’s made with seams that don’t break down, timeless modern design and super high-quality trimmings, so it looks sharp and new long after other suits lose their luster. The xSuit is comfortable for flights and tucks away into an overhead bin and its wrinkle free, ensuring you look sharp as you step off the plane. In addition, the newest xSuit 3.0 is fully machine washable, which saves a large amount of waste both for the wallet and the environment.

Besides suits, the same process and attention to quality is utilized in xSuit’s other products, including the company’s top-level shirts, tees, masks, and more. While each have somewhat different material make-up, they are go through the stringent process dedicated to quality and sustainability.

Beyond environmental sustainability xSuit also promotes equality and believes in giving a hand-up to those in need. A portion of proceeds from all xSuit sales are donated to community organizations to provide suits to the unemployed in lower income communities to help them enter the workforce. xSuit is fully committed to sustainability and supporting local communities through sustainable sourcing and materials, as well as other programs that have included donating over 40,000 xMasks to hospitals in the fight against Covid-19.


About xSuit

xSuit was founded by Max Perez, with one goal in mind: to create the next generation of functional performance work apparel designed to be super comfortable and easy to maintain. To that end, xSuit works with some of the world’s top manufacturing experts in fashion tech. xSuit’s products are engineered with innovative fabrics and nanotechnology. xSuit produces the highest quality, most comfortable, and sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Visit https://xsuit.eu to learn more.