The Go-To Guide to Wearing a Modern Tie

The Go-To Guide to Wearing a Modern Tie

The Go-To Guide to Wearing a Modern Tie


You’ve no doubt been wearing ties for many years, probably since you were a child with a clip-on tie, or someone else putting it on for you. Then over time it just became second nature and you maybe never put much thought into wearing the same couple ties that you have had for decades.

Well - like most things - ties have evolved over the years. Consider this as an opportunity to catch up on some modern-tie tie trends! Maybe you’ll learn something new to put some flair into your wardrobe, including the brand new xTie from xSuit..

Wearing Tie

Do I Still Need to Wear a Tie?

Ties are certainly less common than they used to be in the past. However, formal occasions and business events are among the times where having a tie can be professional and make a statement. Besides just these formal activities, people are also rethinking how ties can be used in more casual situations.

It has been shown that wearing a tie elevates your look and appearance. Doing it in the right way (that doesn’t appear stuffy), will give you some extra finesse and respect. But you may need to rethink about the ways you previously wore ties in the past.

Overall, new styles and versatility of ties has opened up some new styles of ties that can look surprisingly cool and fun. Try it out the next time you have a nice date or semi-formal occasion!


Why is a Slimmer Tie More Modern?

Traditionally ties worn in America have been wide, with the width extending significantly as they go down towards the end of the tip. Over time, they have become thinner, but still wider than their European counterparts, which are mostly thin and extending straight down from the knot to the tip. This enables a knitted tie to be worn both formally and causally, as this sleeker shape automatically looks more modern.

For the new xTie by xSuit, we have introduced the more thin and modern style which is somewhat different than you may have in your closet. However, its sleek appearance will give you a new tool in your fashion arsenal to have some fun with your outfit and accessories.

Slimmer Tie

What About the Different Styles of Tips?

There are two main styles of ties when it comes to their tips.

1. Pointed Ties - these are the standard ties that you probably have collected among the years. They are usually made of silk, linen, cotton or polyester - or other similar materials. Their style in general is to be more formal, and usually in a wider type of appearance. Some disadvantages of them are that they are less flexible for casual occasions, often not possible to wash without damaging, and also can develop creases that are unable to be properly fixed. The xTie is currently only available in Flat End version, but a pointed option is also planned for these coming months.

2. Flat End Ties - a more modern variation that originally became popular in Italy, flat end ties are traditionally less common in the US, but have gained in popularity in recent years. These ties are usually constructed of knit, giving them a light and comfortable feel. Their advantages include being able to use in a wider range of occasions and activities, and they can be machine washed with no problem (although you usually would not need to wash them). The only disadvantage of a flat end tie is that they may not be appropriate for very formal events.

Flat vs Pointed Tie

How Does a Waterproof Tie Make Life Easier?

Like all items from xSuit, the xTie has water-resistant technology to repel liquids that could come in contact with it. Very few other ties have the technology to push away water like the xTie.

This feature is especially useful in the rain, which can cause issues for normal ties. It also alleviates worries of potential spills or other liquids. Try to put some liquid on it and witness its capabilities for yourself!

Waterproof Tie

What is the Length You Should Wear Your Tie?

When standing up straight, your tie should end right at the top of your belt buckle, give or take no more than ½ inch. This is the general case for all neckties. To get this length correct may require some trial and error and practice - but it is important to not make your tie overly long or short, or else the positive benefits of the appearance can be overridden by this mistake.

How to Match Tie Colors with Outfits (and Accessories)?

The xTie currently comes in three colors for you to choose from - matching the colors of the black, navy blue, and grey xSuit. This gives you the flexibility of matching colors in a few different ways:

* Matching the tie with the same color suit: this way can look good with a white or light blue shirt underneath, because it keeps a consistent color and feel

* Using a different suit and tie color: for example, you could try a grey suit with a black tie, or a grey tie with either a black or grey suit. This adds some extra contrast and interest to your outfit and is sure to impress

* Matching a tie to other accessories: there is no need to have to wear a suit jacket with your tie. Instead, try a button-down shirt with the tie and some other accessories - such as a watch or belt - in the same color as the tie to match and show attentiveness.

Tie Mirror


Now that you’ve learned all about the colors and styling of a modern suit, you may also want to check out our article about how to select the best color of suit for you. Use your newfound knowledge to get a modern and fun look to change how you and people think about ties!


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