What Type of Suit is Chosen by Athletes and Boxers?

What Type of Suit is Chosen by Athletes and Boxers?

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What Type of Suit is Chosen by Athletes and Boxers?


Athletes and suits may seem like an unusual combination at first. Most people imagine sport players, boxers, and other athletes in their uniforms – since this is the attire that they use in their competitions. However, athletes in fact wear suits fairly frequently, and definitely are looking for something that has comfort, style, and flexibility.

One such use is at events, which athletes frequently need to attend. Often in a semi-formal nature, a suit jacket or blazer and nice pants is a necessity. However, they also don’t need to be overly formal with a tie, and most of all they seek to be comfortable. Athletes also frequently have press conferences and interviews where they want to toe the line of both professionalism and comfort.

What do Athletes Look For in a Suit?

From discussion with athletes who are xSuit wearers - from NFL and professional baseball players (including Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka), to boxers and extreme athletes, we have repeatedly heard these 3 areas that mean the most when it comes to suits.

* Maximum Stretch - athletes are used to wearing the most flexible materials of clothing, and are very picky about the stretch and comfort. With movement in extreme positions, clothing cannot hold back movement - or even worse, tear. Therefore, having the maximum flexibility of a stretch suit is vital to athletes and is the most mentioned factor.

* Travel Convenience - often on the road, athletes are frequently living out of suitcases. This makes the ability to do dry cleaning and other care inconvenient for their time. Meanwhile, they have their mind on other things rather than ironing and cleaning their suit. Therefore, convenience is a huge aspect that they look for.

* Durability - the fabric and material needs to withstand difficult situations, without staining, wearing out, and scuffing. Their suit needs to be able to hold up through various temperatures, location changes, and uses as they don’t want to have to worry about replacing them.


How the xSuit Comes Into Play

The xSuit was specifically designed to fix the problems that come from standard suits. Its founder, Max Perez, worked in club promotion and public relations, and discovered that the suits he used had consistent problems. That inspired him to set out and create a new type of suit that had never been seen before – one that had the flexibility, comfort, and durability without wrinkles, stains, ironing, and other inconveniences that have traditionally plagued this article of clothing.

The xSuit was born. Now in its fourth iteration (the new xSuit 4), the product has continued evolving to bring even more function and strengths and make it truly the most comfortable and flexible suit. With moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, and machine washing capabilities, the xSuit is perfect for athletes and athletic-minded people to put on, knowing that it will hold up for them in all circumstances.

Mixed Boxers

Putting Suits to the Test

At the recent Fall Brawl boxing event in Pennsylvania, many famous and champion fighters got a chance to try out the xSuit as see how it could perform to their needs. This included former world champion Reddick Bowe, Mickey Ward (who Mark Wahlberg played in 'The Fighter'), 2-time Heavyweight champ Tim Witherspoon, Vinny Paz (who inspired the movie ‘Bleed for This’), Mitch Green, and others.

Each of these legendary fighters were able to try their own xSuit and experience the flexibility and stretch of it.

In the end, each of the boxers gave the suit great reviews, with comments such as “its the best suit they’ve ever tried” and “they could have a boxing match in it”. They clearly enjoyed testing the suits' stretch and flexibility, and were excited to wear the jacket and pants for future occasions.

Check out the recent post by MaxVenom to see more about the Fall Brawl event, and how xSuit was featured among the fighters as well as security as their preferred suit option.


In Summary

Boxers and other athletes clearly have high demands from what they wear, and this extends to their suit jacket and other formal wear. With the demands for stretch, convenience, and durability, the mission of xSuit works perfectly in line for those who want to perform at the top of their game, whether in the ring, on the field, or at an event.

Want to learn more in detail about what goes into the fabric of xSuits, and the more technical reasons why it performs better than other types of suits? Check out our recent post The Fabrics of Suits: Why the Future is Knit, and find out more yourself!