Why xSuit means business.

One seriously powerful fabric.

The xSuit fabric changes everything. Liquid, wrinkle and odor resistant nanotechnology. Super-stretchy knit. And incredible convenient care. In short, it’s a breakthrough for breakthroughs. For your entire team.

Easy care built right in.

xSuit is the easiest suit to maintain on the planet, thanks to built-in features like liquid, stain and odor resistance, as well as machine washable construction.






Lightweight &

Durability beyond the norm.

Tired of replacing your suits because of minimal wear and tear? xSuit is made to last no matter how intense a work environment.

More comfort, means more work done.

With jaw-dropping stretch — up to 8x more than other suits — xSuit delivers the comfort to work where, how, and for as long as you want. Allowing for even more performance and freedom.

xSuit costs less in the long run.

With less care needed, increased durability, stain and wrinkle resistance, and higher residual value, the savings add up. Compared with classic suits, a single xSuit could save you $543 in its first year alone.

It’s a pleasure to work in.

Give your team the outfit they’ll love and let them get down to business.

xSuit is a fit for every job.


Restaurants and catering

Stain resistant shielding

Easy and fast movement

Less odors from the kitchen


Hotel and casinos

Sit comfortably with your jacket

Breathable easy movements

Suitable for indoors and outdoors


Pilots and stewardess

Wrinkle resistant easy packing

1 outfit replaces 3

Easier cabin movement


Public and private agent

Move easily and swiftly

Less embarrassing odors

Look sharp and minimal

Customized to your need.

Whether you’re looking for a large scale change, or to service a boutique agency, we’ve got you covered. Flexible prices and solutions customized to your needs.

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